Sunday, October 16, 2005

First Post

Well, here's my first post. I thought I might as well explain why I've started this.

Basically someone wrote something today that I wasn't happy with. In fact, some might say it was slightly untrue. So, I'm going about setting the world to rights in my own special way. I'm going to expose these untruths.

You might say that I'm a coward for writing anonymously. My answer to that is that I hold office and can't be seen to be politically biased. However, that shouldn't stop me from telling it how it is. So, to stop myself being seen as being politically biased, I'm bloggin anonymously.

When I get around to it I'll make a proper web site, but for now this will do.

So, welcome to Politics for all.

Dennis Paul Strikes Again

You would have thought that Mr Paul wouldn't be seen around these parts too soon. But no, and he decides to pick a fight with the University of Surrey Students' Union!

On the front page of his website he states that "The Student Union would do better to get their own house in order and campaign (or take action) to clean up the University Campus blighted by litter and trash dumped every weekend by a minority of drunks following closing time at the Student Union bars". The article in question is one that is informing students that the University of Surrey recently came fairly low down the league tables in the results of the National Student Survey.

He started the page with a statement that he was appalled to read the article on this topic. One may well ask why he is reading a student newspaper that is aimed at students (and staff) of the university when he has nothing to do with the university, other than being a "colleague" of one Mike Chambers, who used to study there. He then goes on to state that the newspaper is actually produced soley to politically manipulate the students of the university according to the editor who he correctly (one of the only things he does correctly) states is a Lib Dem.

As mentioned earlier he then goes on to mention the above quote about how the SU should "do better to get their own house in order" and do something about the litter.

Two problems with that Mr Paul:

1. The University is private property. Why are you walking across it in the first place?
2. The University is responsible for the clearance of litter. Perhaps you should contact them the next time you trespass across the private land.

One final point.
If you look at the two benches in the above pictures, it looks like they're two seperate benches. However, if you look closely, you will see that there isn't the torrent of rubbish that Mr Paul talks about, but in actual fact they are one and the same bench.

It starts...